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Katie Newman
Katie Newman
We found Still Creek Labradors when searching online for reputable US English Labrador breeders. Toni brought us our boy, Gibson, about a month ago and we couldn’t be more in love with a pup! He is GORGEOUS! Coat like velvet and a smile that wins your heart. His temperament is a perfect match for our two young boys and he was housebroken within a week. I am so grateful to Toni for bringing such an amazing dog into our world.
Barbora Roth
Barbora Roth
High quality dogs and breeder. We got the best and cutest puppy ever.
Aaron Katz
Aaron Katz
I have had nothing but Chocolate Labs for the last 40 years. I have used several of the best breeders throughout the U.S. Tank is a male that I got through Still Creek Labradors one year ago. Tank is boxy and beautiful. He is so, so smart, sweet and a total joy. He was easy to train as he has such a laid-back, want-to-please attitude. He will be certified this month as my service dog. He is simply the sweetest, most handsome boy and a true pleasure. I would definitely get another dog from Still Creek because they are also wonderful people.
Lynette Crum
Lynette Crum
If your looking for a professional breeder and some perfect English Labs look no further. I’m so in love with mine and she is so beautiful and smart and so laid back at four months old it is unbelievable!! Their isn’t a bunch of forms or hoops to jump through to actually get one of them and she will update you from conception to even after you get your pup if you have more questions, she is there for you. Her house is beautiful and well maintained as are her dogs. Toni actually wants people to send her updates on the pups which is rare. She is very down to earth and good hearted. I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for this exceptional breed.
Katie Lowery
Katie Lowery
I can’t say enough great things about Still Creek Labradors!! Since the first moment I met Toni I knew she would hold a very special place in my life. She made the entire experience one I will never forget. We purchased our sweet Charley girl from her in 2018! Toni and I have stayed I contact over the last couple of years and am excited to say we are going through the process again!!! I wouldn’t want to go through this with anyone else. Toni has such a huge loving heart and loves her dogs unconditionally. I would highly recommend Still Creek Labradors in choosing your life long companion.
akc - American Kennel Club

AKC Registered English Labrador Retrievers

Still Creek Labradors are strategically bred from generations of excellent AKC Champion pedigrees prioritizing confirmation, rigorous health testing, and the amazing temperament that sets Labradors apart as the #1 dog breed over 30 years now!!

We LOVE Labrador Retrievers, specifically Full English Labs. Located in the heart of East Tennessee, we work and produce the highest quality English lines of black, yellow, and chocolate coated Labradors. We strategically breed with the best stud dogs in the world. And, we are committed to placing our puppies according to the needs and lifestyle of each companion. Learn more about what sets Still Creek Labradors apart by clicking “About Us” below!

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We raise our English Labrador puppies with the highest of standards! Because we only produce a few litters per year, demand for Still Creek Labrador puppies often results in a waiting list. Click below to learn more about our breeding philosophy, puppy pricing and reserving a puppy.


Training Programs

The easiest way to have a well-behaved puppy is by making smart choices at the very beginning of your dog’s life. Dogs are not born knowing how to behave. They learn their behavior from us, their owners. This means that if we want a puppy who is well-behaved, we need to teach them from the start.  The first 16 weeks of your puppy’s life are the most formative.

We can do all the challenging and boring stuff for you…

Pickup and Delivery

Still Creek Labradors offers easy pickup and delivery service with your new English Labrador puppy. If you can’t make the trip out to Still Creek, our puppies never leave our care until they are in yours. Whether they travel on a commercial airline in cabin with one of our family members, or by one of our climate controlled ground routes, all of our puppies travel under USDA-guidelines for proper animal care…

Quick Facts

Differences Between English and American Labradors

The Labrador Retriever is America’s most popular dog breed, but there are a few differences between the American and English Labradors. While both come from the same breed, breeders of each type have been tweaking the dog to give them their own unique characteristics.

Just how different are these two versions of the Labrador? Let’s find out.

The average height for an English Lab is 61 to 71 cm, while the average height for an American Lab is 69 to 76 cm. This gives the American Labrador a taller, more slender and longer appearance compared to the stockier English Lab.

The differences in temperament between the American and English Labradors come down to two factors: appearance and breeding history. Both strains are known for their love of exercise and high energy, but they have been bred for different purposes. The English Lab has been bred primarily as a hunting dog and showdog, while the American Lab has been bred primarily as a working dog. As a result of breed selection, the American Lab tends to be more excitable than the English Lab; however, both are still devoted family pets that love human interaction!.

Both English and American Labs make terrific family pets. The English Lab is affectionate and reliable, while the American Lab is more energetic and outgoing. Both are friendly with everyone and get along well with other dogs and cats.

Kind Words

  • I can’t say enough great things about Still Creek Labradors!! Since the first moment I met Toni I knew she would hold a very special place in my life. She... read more

    Katie Merrell Avatar Katie Merrell
    January 31, 2022

    I would highly recommend Still Creek Labradors! Toni was wonderful especially since we had just lost our 13 yr old dog. I was tentatively looking for a puppy... read more

    Michelle McBrien Exum Avatar Michelle McBrien Exum
    January 30, 2022
  • From the very first phone call that I made to inquire about a pup, through to the follow up check-in calls after we picked up our pup… I was impressed... read more

    Rachel McCabe Szalay Avatar Rachel McCabe Szalay
    January 28, 2022

    As a pet courier I have first hand experience in delivering their pups. Great quality dogs. Don and Toni are great people to work with. Highly recommend them. C &... read more

    David May Avatar David May
    January 9, 2022

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